Stove and Oven Repair

Gas Stove and Oven Repairs

Your cooking appliance may be the most important appliance in your home! A gas oven, stove or cooktop has a variety of electronic and mechanical parts that can fail.

A gas cooktop is equipped with ignitors for the burners as well as the oven and broiler functions. Temperature and thermostat controls can wear with age leading to burners that don't light and an oven that doesn't cook consistently. Gas valves and micro switches may fail leaving you stranded in the kitchen.

Electronic control boards are in most modern appliances and a board failure is one of the most common failures in a newer appliance and may fail at the most inconvenient times.

Kopa Home Services stocks a variety of oven ignitors to get you cooking again fast. We partner with the two largest appliance parts distributors in the country for quick turn around times on special order parts such as control boards and gas valves that are unique to your appliance.

Electric Stove and Oven Repairs

Your cooking appliance may be the most important appliance in your home! An electric oven, stove or cooktop can come in many variations leading to a variety of repairs. There are convection and induction ovens as well as good old fashioned coil and bake elements.

Bake elements and burner elements of all types will eventually fail with age and use. If your oven is not heating we carry a variety of cooking elements and can receive most special orders within 72 hours.

There are several thermostat and temperature controls in your oven to ensure safe and efficient cooking. Most temperature control problems in your oven can be repaired.

Electronic control boards are another common failure in electric ovens. A blank or difficult to read control panel is a sign that your board may be failing.

Kopa Home Services sources the correct parts and uses only manufacturer approved parts for your appliance.

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