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Why I started Kopa Home Services

Kopa Home Services

Hi there! It’s Tim Allen, owner of Kopa Home Services. That’s right, my name is Tim Allen, and my business specializes in Home Improvement!! It’s been easy for people to assume that I’m a handy guy, but I can tell you that hasn’t always been the case. 

I'm NOT this guy
I’m NOT this guy

Since I was in high school, I dreamt of owning rental property. I was happy for the opportunity in 2003 when my wife and I decided to upgrade and keep our home as a rental. Cue the housing crisis. Fortunately, we still own that little starter home and it’s a great investment, but that wasn’t always the case. 

For years I was an amateur property manager, and I will be the first one to tell you that I was bad at it. I didn’t perform timely inspections, I didn’t require tenants to keep it in good shape and I didn’t properly maintain the home. These are all common mistakes for the amateur landlord. 

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After some years I managed a local home services business that specializes in Appliance Repair. This is where I “cut my teeth” in the home services business. I quickly learned that it’s a difficult business and one thing stands out as the most important factor: Customer Service. 


I got my chance to enter property management professionally when I was hired to help manage vacation rentals by a client of the appliance shop. Less than a year later I reached my goal of going out on my own as a property manager. After 4 years I am now the executive property manager at West USA Realty Flagstaff and owner of Local Rental Team and Kopa Home Services!! 

As a property manager I learned quickly that I need home services, lots of them! I need plumbers and electricians and roofers. I need snow removal and house cleaning and linen service. Some vendors, such as plumbers, are easy to find. Unfortunately, it is really tough to find a reliable and professional handyman. We manage a large number of furnished rentals, so we need small services like changing light bulbs and batteries, securing towel racks and fixing a squeaky door. Those services are hard to find! 


At the time I did what any broke and desperate property manager would do, I did it myself!! I started cleaning my vacation rentals myself when other companies were letting me down on quality and reliability. As a new business owner, I also needed the extra cash. Then little things would break and I started fixing things myself as well. Over time I built up a reputation for high standards and reliability. 

Reputation Is Everything

Today, Kopa Home Services lives up to those same high standards. Kopa Home is a professional, reliable provider of in-home services. We offer many of the services that a property manager or homeowner might need with one call. We began offering our services outside of our property management clients in 2019 and we are already the best reviewed handyman in the Flagstaff area on Google!


I no longer clean the houses and fix the toilet paper holders. We’ve grown to 16 employees and I am still proud of our work and committed to offering great customer service and professional repairs to all of our clients. We now serve Flagstaff and the surrounding communities. We’re happy to do the small stuff and we’ve expanded to offer a wide range of home services. 

Kopa Home Services